Commercial Decorative Concrete for hotels, restaurants and much more:

Decorative Concrete in Restaurant and BarCommercial Property Managers are increasing using stained concrete, vertical stacked stone concrete walls, as well as decorative and stamped concrete surfaces because not only is it inexpensive, it lasts practically forever, is easy to clean and solves so many of your commercial sanitation issues.

Decorative Concrete can be applied to almost any project to provide you with the design, color, or pattern that you need on your commercial concrete flooring. The cost for decorative concrete flooring is normally much less than what you could expect to pay for stone, brick or wood.

Decorative concrete is so easy to maintain and provides ongoing cost savings due to ease of maintenance.

We can work with your exiting floor and fill and fix concrete cracks to make your floor look like new!

How about a floor that looks just like real wood without the aggravation of dry rot or water damage? You can have with a decorative concrete floor from Stampco Decorative Concrete.

We are certified in specialty epoxy types and application techniques. Remember – Concrete polishing drastially reduces traditional maintenance costs in commercial environments up to 50%.